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Recent Identity Fraud Stories

The following stories involve identity fraud and a retail auto dealership. In every story, the dealership has lost something...the vehicle, the customer and their reputation. DO NOT let your dealership be the next victim!

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DA, sheriff's office, dept. of consumer affairs join forces w/ $1M to fight id fraud - DA's office employee victim of id fraud at MB dealership

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California man uses stolen ID to purchase vehicle in St. Louis, property in San Bernadino

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Couple in California get caught with 40+ fake drivers licenses, check books, ssn's; they are also suspected of selling ID info to others

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Dealership employees steal cust. ID's , thieves leasing vehicles, then selling on cash market

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Woman steals coworker's ID and purchases 3 vehicles, 23 lines of credit, 2 bank accounts

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3 people arrested for printng counterfeit checks with 40 differentIDs from auto dealership records

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Man steals ID to purchase vehicle

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