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We experienced fraudulent deals before we started using SmartID. I can't believe we haven't used this from the beginning. Thanks for such a terrific service!
-Kim, NC

Thank you, thank you, thank you for SmartID! My DP is very happy he won't have to buy any more deals back and the customers love the fact we are taking steps to protect them.
-Michael, OK

We had a few scary deals and almost lost a couple of cars to identity fraud. With SmartID, we don't have to worry anymore. Thanks for creating such a great product and protecting the dealers.
-Nicole, FL

Smart ID Protects Your Dealership From Identity Theft—Instantly

Identity fraud cost American consumers and businesses millions of dollars in losses every year! It's the fastest growing crime in the U.S., and auto dealerships are being targeted more than other businesses for their high-dollar transactions. Now that prevention is a matter of federal compliance it's time to get smart about identity fraud—and get Smart ID.

Protect your Dealership the Smart Way.
Smart ID is a pro-active identity authentication service that combats fraud instantly—at the point of purchase. Part of our overall service offering that includes 'Red Flag Rule' compliance, Smart ID accurately matches your customer to the identity they present during the credit submission process.

Easy. Online. Instant.
Smart ID's patent-pending, interactive, easy-to-use software scours a database of more than 33 billion records from 4,000 sources to automatically create a unique set of questions for a credit applicant. These questions are based on the individual's historic background—and are so personalized that only the correct person can answer. This is not credit bureau information that can easily be obtained by thieves. The data used is 'out of wallet'; the most useful data to utilize for identity verification and the only data type authorized by the 'Red Flag Rule'.

Smart ID Goes Beyond the Competition:

  • With Smart ID, you'll authenticate the person, not just verify an identity exists. Other services only report discrepancies in name, address or SSN on file, which just confirms the existence of an identity—not that it belongs to the person in your dealership.
  • There are no confusing risk scoring models that delay the delivery process and leave you in doubt. With Smart ID, you get clear, instant and accurate results every time—results that you can trust.

Protect Your Dealership with Smart ID
Banks WILL charge back fraudulent deals to you! Your insurance policy WILL NOT cover identity fraud losses! Your dealership's reputation WILL be affected, and not in a good way! Identity fraud can happen on any deal. Don't let it be on yours.

To begin safeguarding your dealership instantly, fill out the form below or call 888-648-9786 for a personalized demonstration or set up your FREE trial.

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