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We experienced fraudulent deals before we started using SmartID. I can't believe we haven't used this from the beginning. Thanks for such a terrific service!
-Kim, NC

Thank you, thank you, thank you for SmartID! My DP is very happy he won't have to buy any more deals back and the customers love the fact we are taking steps to protect them.
-Michael, OK

We had a few scary deals and almost lost a couple of cars to identity fraud. With SmartID, we don't have to worry anymore. Thanks for creating such a great product and protecting the dealers.
-Nicole, FL

Satisfy Your Red Flag Rule Responsibilities With Smart ID

Just as we did when the PATRIOT ACT was signed into law in 2001, has responded quickly to federal regulations on behalf of automotive dealers nationwide. The 'Red Flag Regulation' was enacted in October 2007 and requires dealers to implement standardized identity theft prevention policies. has taken the guesswork out of this complicated process, streamlining identity authentication practices for dealers so they can get back to what they do best.

The Red Flag Rule: Detect, Mitigate, Prevent—COMPLY
SmartID is the core detection and prevention application at the heart of our 'Red Flag Regulation' compliance offering. It's the ONLY full-service system that meets ALL SIX of the red flag rule requirements. By implementing Smart ID into your identity theft prevention plan, it's easy to comply with the Red Flag Rules and safeguard your dealership. Confused about your role in the regulations? Review the Red Flag Rule Information page first.

Compliance That's Automated—But Fully Supported
SmartID's easy online service helps you detect, prevent and mitigate fraudulent use—in minutes. Our advanced technology authenticates the customer's identity at the touch of a button. Other services rely on subjective scoring models or vague red flag indicators that leave dealers trying to decipher confusing results, which often leads to inaccurate information—or an unprotected dealership. But Smart ID was developed by top industry compliance and anti-fraud experts, which means this proactive, positive identity authentication process covers all the bases, and yet requires minimal manual supporting responsibility.

You'll instantly evaluate each transaction with a system that's easily rolled into your identity theft prevention policy. And with a complete policy, training and auditing solution, there are no lengthy employee training sessions and no guesswork. Plus, an experienced team of compliance experts is always at your fingertips—seven days a week. No other service can provide you a more complete solution.

Smart ID Covers All Six of the Red Flag Requirements:

  • Policy
  • Training
  • Detection
  • Prevention
  • Mitigation
  • Program audit

No more worrying about how to implement a time-draining and expensive identity theft prevention policy that's cumbersome and inaccurate. With Smart ID, you'll have a written policy, easy online training for employees, advanced technology that instantly detects, prevents and mitigates fraud, and a program that also creates a record of your transactions and policy so you can perform the required annual audit, and come into full compliance. You get all of this with one simple program along with the support of a team of compliance experts at your fingertips. It's that easy.

Get Compliant and Get Back to the Deal.
Coming into compliance has never been easier. To learn more about Smart ID, call 888-648-9786 for a personalized demonstration or set up your FREE trial.